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Private Country Home on Small Greek Island

Price: 580,000 euro
Location: Northern Aegean Islands
Type: Residential
ID: 1001-102772
Plot: 5000m2
Property: 94m2
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Living Rooms: 1
  • Parking Spaces: 4
  • Summary:

    Quiet family retreat for sale on the remote island getaway of Ammouliani. Located on the southern side, this 120 m2 home (94m2 indoor space plus 26m2 patio area) is full of sunshine boasting exquisite views of the beaches, sea and quaint island village as well as views of the second peninsula of Chalkidiki all the way toward Ouranoupolis. The sunsets are spectacular behind Mt. Olympus on the western horizon.


    This private family home is fully equipped with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. The cozy living room has large windows that invite the pristine natural beauty inside. In the springtime nightingales soothe the soul with their exquisite song, while the crackling fireplace warms and replenishes during the winter months.

    In the kitchen/dining area we have a spectacular wood stove that bakes the best bread ever as well as warming the kitchen in the winter months. Of course the home is equipped with all the modern amenities every home needs (stove/oven, dishwasher, coffeemakers, air-conditioner, central heating system etc), we just personally love the feel of the wood stove. The kitchen/dining area is drenched in morning sunlight, making for the perfect start of each day. Preparing food is a joy in this country kitchen but the real treat is sitting down to eat with the exquisite views just beyond the plates of delicious food.

    The home sits on 4,700 m2 of land up on the highest point of the island. This means that if you just want privacy, you have it, but it also means that if you are interested in expanding the home, or if you are keen on building more homes, you have that option. If you are interested in creating a summer oasis for vacation rentals, or an excellent retreat center, then this property is something to look at.

    Ammouliani is not the luxurious Mykonos/Santorini style island, geared towards tourism. This is a " local" place, one that gives you the feel of living in the /real/ Greece. Living here you will get to know the villagers, eat at the local tavernas, even have an afternoon Greek coffee on a flowered balcony. The people are warm and welcoming. Our home is far enough away that we are able to maintain our privacy as much as we want. If we want company a trip down to the village is all we need to do.

    The island itself is just 3 kilometers from the mainland, making day trips to nearby Ouranoupolis or Ierissos for shopping or other external activities easy. The ferryboats run back and forth all summer long all day long. In the slow winter months the ferry runs 4 times each day. It' s about a 15 minute ride making the island a quiet gem to have your home. As you travel across, and the mainland falls behind, any stress built up is released to the pristine waters and your soul cleansed and refreshed by the time you set foot on the island.

    If you love warm, cozy and local, this is one place you can look at.
    Date Printed: 18 October 2018