The Villa/Guesthouse (Thetis) has a surface of 350 sq. m., it is sit" />

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Price: 400,000 euro
Location: Fthiotida
Type: Residential
ID: 1222-102972
Plot: 400m2
Property: 350m2
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • Living Rooms: 2
  • Summary:
    Beautiful Traditional Villa/Guesthouse (350sq.m.) in Picturesque Village in Central Greece 


    The Villa/Guesthouse (Thetis) has a surface of 350 sq. m., it is situated in the central square of the picturesque village of  Pelasgia Fthiotida, and has:

    (A) 8 two-beds/single bed rooms with en-suite bathrooms

    (B) a warm living-room with a fire place and en-suite kitchenette

    (C) a separate dining area (70 sq.m) with direct access to the central square.

    Thetis (which has central heating - petrol) was built in the late 1960s and its style combines in a most harmonious manner the elegance of a Swiss chalet with the beauties of a traditional Greek village house.  In that regard, please see  relevant link from google instant street view  (https://www. 947718,22.838719,344.85h,-28. 93p,0z).

    The Village

    Pelasgia is the epitome of authentic Greek countryside. It is situated in north Fthiotida (at 258 km. from Athens). The village combines the beauties of a green mountain landscape with extremely easy access to beautiful nearby seaside (approx. 10 min. drive). The main activity in the village of Pelasgia is the cultivation of olive trees and this makes for a particularly visually attractive green-grey landscape surrounded by the blue colour of the sea.  (https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Pelasgia,_Phthiotis).

    Date Printed: 22 January 2019