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QR Code - Code: 15038 - Price: 90.000€ - 903-102993

Code: 15038 - Price: 90.000€

Price: 90,000 euro
Location: Zakynthos
Type: Residential
Reference: 15038
ID: 903-102993
Plot: 60m2
Property: 60m2
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Summary:
    Category: URBAN RESIDENTS,Detached houses (Urban)
    Type: Sale
    Country: Greece
    State: Zakinthos
    Locality: Zakynthos...
    Zakynthos. Zakynthos town. House of 60sqm, within a plot of 60sqm, is for sale. It's about a ground floor detached house, renovated and consists of kitchen, one bedroom, a bathroom and living room. There is remaining allowance to build 110sqm. The house is located near to shops, schools, square and bus stops. Price: 90.000 EUR

    Date Printed: 17 February 2019