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QR Code - Code: 11748 - Price: 240.000€ - 903-103088

Code: 11748 - Price: 240.000€

Price: 240,000 euro
Location: Greece
Type: Residential
Reference: 11748
ID: 903-103088
Plot: 0m2
Property: 0m2
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Summary:
    Category: URBAN RESIDENTS,Appartments (Urban)
    Type: Sale
    Country: Greece
    State: Attica-Athens-South
    Locality: Kalamaki...
    For sale 5th floor apartment 97sqm. in Kalamaki-Athens. It has two bedrooms, hallway, living room, separate kitchen, bathroom, verandas all around the apartment, central heating, awning. It is open and the front veranda has sea view. It is close to the market of Kalamaki and it is located 5 minutes away from the beach on foot.
    Year of construction: 1973
    Selling Price: 240.000 €

    Date Printed: 20 August 2019