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QR Code - Code: 15129 - Price: 230.000€ - 903-103090

Code: 15129 - Price: 230.000€

Price: 230,000 euro
Location: Zakynthos
Type: Residential
Reference: 15129
ID: 903-103090
Plot: 362m2
Property: 171m2
Category: RURAL RESIDENTS,Detached houses (Rural),UNIQUE PROPERTIES,Self-existent buildings
Type: Sale
Country: Greece
State: Zakinthos
Locality: Zakynthos...
Zakynthos. FOR SALE. A 17th Century building of 171sqm characterized, as a historic listed monument with government decision and renovated in 1894. It consists of two separate houses, with ground floor and first floor each, which are connected by a wall partition. It is a remarkable example of a countryside mansion with rich morphological and decorative elements on the facades, with many features of the 18th century and is an integral part of the historical settlement of Zakynthos. Surrounded by an outside area of 362.10sqm with an old water well. PRICE: €230.000

Date Printed: 20 August 2019