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QR Code - Code: 11853 - Price: 240.000€ - 903-103094

Code: 11853 - Price: 240.000€

Price: 240,000 euro
Location: Greece
Type: Residential
Reference: 11853
ID: 903-103094
Plot: 110m2
Property: 0m2
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Summary:
    Category: URBAN RESIDENTS,Appartments (Urban)
    Type: Sale
    Country: Greece
    State: Attica-Athens-South
    Locality: Dafni...
    For sale: second floor apartment 110 m2 in a duplex in Dafni, Attiki. The apartment consists of 2 spacious bedrooms and one small, which can be used as an office or as an extra bedroom. Apartment consists also of a living-dining room, a fitted kitchen and a bathroom with loft. At the ground floor there is a 10 m2 storage room and extra storage space at the hallway. On the roof there is a 10 m2 chamber with the ability of 20 m2 expansion. In the apartment have also been installed security door, tents, self heating control and air-condition in all rooms and in the chamber. Year of construction : 1979 Selling price : 240.000€

    Date Printed: 20 August 2019