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Estate with photovoltaic park

Price: 790,000 euro
Location: Greece Mainland
Type: Residential
ID: 1281-104011
Plot: 76000m2
Property: 570m2
  • Bedrooms: 9
  • Bathrooms: 7
  • Living Rooms: 6
  • Summary:

    Estate with a magnificent view to the sea and Evia which includes a building of 6 independent apartments, a photovoltaic park and much more.


    Located two hours from Athens, at the foot of Mount Kalidromos, 10 minutes from Thermopylae, is a 76 acres estate with a residential complex of 350 sq.m. , photovoltaic park of 100 kw, unfinished building with residence permit, warehouses etc.

    At a unique point, overlooking the entire bay of Malliakos Bay from Stylida to Evia, this property is just 25 minutes from the sea at Kamena Vourla and 35 minutes from Lamia.

    The first floor of the residential building was completed in 1993 and consists of two 57- and 55-square-meter residences with one bedroom each overlooking the front of the building overlooking Stylida, the Malliakos Bay and the island of Evia and two apartments 36 and 26 sq.m. at the back of the building also with one bedroom each.
    The second floor, completed in 2001, consists of a 112 sqm apartment in the front of the building with three bedrooms and a 62 sqm apartment. in the rear with two bedrooms, overlooking the sea. On the roof of the building there is a 10kw photovoltaic system.

    The photovoltaic park, connected to the grid in November 2012, has a selling price for electricity of 0.34 euros / kwh and its annual output is 148-150000 kwh. It has no loan or mortgage.

    In the area of ​​76 acres besides walnut, olive and almond trees there is a water drill, two wells, a watering cistern and a closed reservoir for the water supply of the houses. Overflow drilling sends water to one well for about ten months a year and therefore there is plenty of water for watering the trees. A final forestry designation has been issued for the agricultural character of the area.

    In the estate there is another   building with a ground floor of 127 sq.m. which is used as a warehouse with installed a water treatment system and the first floor of it, with the same sq. as the ground floor, which has obtained a house building permit. There are also warehouses of  93 sq.m. close to the residential building.

    The price for the above is 790000 euros. Keep in mind that the guaranteed revenue from the two photovoltaic systems for the next 13 years is 55-60000 euros per year.

    Date Printed: 18 September 2020