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QR Code - Total buildings 519 m2, 4.598 m2 plot - 1286-104032

Total buildings 519 m2, 4.598 m2 plot

Price: 468,000 euro
Location: Crete
Type: Residential
Reference: Unique property with wonderful view on quiet mount
ID: 1286-104032
Plot: 4598m2
Property: 519m2
  • Bedrooms: 9
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • Living Rooms: 2
  • Parking Spaces: 5
  • Summary:

    Best view of Heraklion, mountains and the see from this property of 4.598 m2 plot on a mountain top 354 m above sea level.
    Main apartment 83 m2 w/2 kitchens & 2 baths, dormitory w/10 bung bed with kitchen and toilets in connection, 3pcs. 1-room apartments with bath & kitchen, 1pcs. 2-room apartment with bath and kitchen. All furnished.
    Beautiful two floor temple of each 55,7 m2.
    Garage 29,6 m2 
    Total buildings 519 m2 Build 2003 to 2009
    Quiet location with only one neighbor and free view on tree sides. Multiply purposes, can be used for courses, seminars, retreats, rental of holiday apartments, several families co-ownership and much more.


    This property is a peaceful and healing oasis in the Greek island of Crete.

    Main house: 1st floor has an entrance hall and a room with 3 single beds. There is a beautiful and a well-stocked kitchen, e.g. with a dishwasher. The apartment has a big glass covered living room and a big terrace. Two kitchens and two bathrooms. The apartment is situated at the highest point at the property and has a remarkable view over the ocean and the mountains.
    There is also a beautiful garden with many different plants and cozy corners where you can sit and enjoy nature or meditate. 83,2 m2 Ground floor has 3 apartments and an office/store room.
    Apartments: Under the main house there is a two rooms apartment, each room has an individual entrance and a door leading to a joined kitchen and toilet/bath. Outside there is a nice covered terrace with a table and some chairs where you can sit and enjoy the view and your meals. 48,6 m2.
    A corner apartment which consists of two rooms with a door between them. The apartment has a toilet/bath and kitchen in one of the rooms. Fine view of the mountain and the ocean. 22 m2.
    This apartment has a fine view over the mountains and ocean. It has twin beds and a curtain to separate the kitchen/dining room area with toilet/bath. The kitchen is a bit more primitive but still very well-functioning. The outdoor surroundings are very charming. 35 m2.
    Two apartments are situated next to the Temple building They are almost identical inside but one is decorated with green colours and the other turquoise. Both have twin beds, which can be used as a double bed and really nice kitchens. The apartments have terraces both in the back and front with lovely views over ocean to the front and over the valley and mountains at the back. Each 42,5 m2.

    Dormitory w/10 bung beds with kitchen and toilets in connection. Very cozy and with a beautiful nature stone floor.
    The temple is octagonal with a blue roof. On the upper and lower floor, there is space for meditations, social gathering, teaching, physical and creative activities, the two floors are identical in shape and size, each of 55,7 m2.
    Outside of the temple building you find the beautiful temple garden. The temple is presented in its pure energetic expression - open and welcoming to all.

    Garage of 29,6 m2 and parking space for 4-5 cars.
    Heating system is heat pumps  which also works as air conditioner.   

    Breathtaking view of the ocean, the mountains and the valley on this quiet location, wonderful view of Heraklion both in the daytime and sparkling lights at night. A real gem and a unique property to be acquired.

    Date Printed: 18 September 2020